Welcome to the EuroCIO event series – including exclusive, CIO-only discussion groups and the 20th edition of EuroCIO’s Annual Conference. As the oldest, largest and most legitimate association of CIOs in the EU EuroCIO has the unique capacity to mobilise over 1,000 leading European CIOs at any point in time, to represent the demand side of IT towards the European institutions and vendors. This online event series is designed for CIOs by CIOs, with Europe’s largest corporations and 2021 challenges in mind, and this is our vision for our unique community of CIOs:


If you are not at the table then you are on the menu! With 1000+ members our voice is heard at EU level and within the vendor community.


Share insights with your peers, at the highest level : Good business and innovation  start with information exchange.


By joining our association you have a front door to knock on in addition to the many doors of the 1000+ companies we serve.

EuroCIO events are designed by CIOs for CIOs. Content is always non-commercial and high level. Discussion groups are high level and limited to 15 CIOs to foster peer to peer discussions. These are not simple webinars.

And importantly, income generated by membership and sponsorship fees go directly back into policy and communications work, furthering European CIOs interests at the highest levels.

We hope to welcome you soon.

Yugo Neumorni
Yugo NeumorniPresident, EuroCIO

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