20th edition of EuroCIO’s Annual Conference


THURSDAY 25 NOVEMBER 2021, 10:30-1:00 CET

For Europe’s top CIOs, by Europe’s top CIOs

10.30 - Welcome
Yugo NEUMORNI, Chairman of EuroCIO

10.40 - 2030 Digital Compass - The European Way for the Digital Decade
Cloud Rulebook, EU cloud marketplaces, Digital Markets Act, Data Act & AI Act. How the EC helps build the next generation cloud and supports business digital transformation:

  • EC vision and targets for a successful digital transformation of Europe by 2030.
  • European Common Data Spaces and alliance for industrial data, edge and cloud.
  • Green IT, business data protection, fair competition, position vis a vis gatekeepers - What’s in it for CIOs?

With Pierre Chastanet, Head of Unit Cloud & Software, DG Connect, European Commission


11.10 - Q&A - Have your say


11.20 - Gaia-X’s Data Spaces: Be the Energy for Change

  • Next generation of data infrastructure: Where do we stand?
  • Fostering business, IT and energy efficiency through Gaia-X’s Energy Data Space.
  • How carbon footprint reduction fits into IT-business alignment.

With Francesco Bonfiglio, CEO, Gaia-X and CIO TBA


11.50 - Q&A - Have your say


12.00 - CIO Testimonial: Sustainable Technologies, Green IT & Cloud
Reducing the footprint of IT through a sustainable Journey to Cloud and more efficient technology practices:

  • Digital technology is one of the world’s greatest enablers. CIOs now need to address the problems of the growing IT carbon footprint and using technology as a sustainability enabler.
  • Companies must now address an urgent, twofold imperative: to use technology more sustainably, and to use technology as a vehicle for being more sustainable.

With CIO TBA and Yves BERNAERT, Accenture Technology Europe CEO


12.30 Q&A - Have your say


12.40 - Last words
Yugo NEUMORNI, Chairman of EuroCIO


12.50 - Conference closes

Event Information

Event Start Date 25-11-2021